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Welcome to Inshes Dental Centre

Welcome to Inshes Dental Centre

welcome to Inshes Dental PracticeThe staff here at Inshes Dental Center have great pleasure in introducing you to our modern well equipped centre on the outskirts of Inverness.

We are proud of the quality of our dental care and expect your time with us to be a pleasant experience, and that the improvements we make to your dental health and smile will be a benefit to your sense of well being. Go to best lansdowne dentist richmond if you are in Canada.

Why Choose Inshes Dental Centre?


Our Facilities

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To enable the dental team to offer highest standards of care and service each treatment room has all the equipment needed for the provision of modern dentistry. Our dental nurses are enthusiastic and work closely with the dentist and patient. We use a highest standard of dental materials and dental laboratories in order to obtain long-lasting lifelike results for our patients.


We can offer the following...


"Inshes Dental Centre is an excellent facility with experienced clinicians." - Julio Rosado